Providing Professional Freight Forwarding Service
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Whether it goes by air, rail, road, or sea, Teclogistics can deliver your international shipment in the most efficient, professional, and cost-efficient means possible.

  • Trucking
    TecLogistics provides trucking and heavy-haul transportation services nationwide.  Our logistics services encompass expedited services, double drops, flatbed services, multi-axle trailers and other specialized trailers and trucks.
  • Air Freight & Chartering
    TecLogistics’ freight agents are specialists in worldwide air transport.  We maintain the absolute highest standards of security and on-time delivery combined with the best in customer-care.
  • Ocean Freight & Chartering
    TecLogistics excels in the maritime shipment of specialized cargoes.  Some of our ongoing projects are for ship builders, mining and construction services, and machinery for a few of the biggest names in the industry.
  • Rail
    TecLogistics offers the best rail operators to its clients.  Operators use intermodal cars, flatcars (bulkhead, centerbeam, heavy capacity), boxcars, and others.
  • US Domestic Routing & Delivery
    TecLogistics takes care of freight within the continental United States with the same professionalism and expertise with which it handles international freight.

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