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Additional Support Services

TecLogistics proudly offers project forecasts and consulting on shipping contracts.  Our Logistics team can root out potentially harmful clauses in contracts to help the client avoid costly headaches.  Additionally, TecLogistics can coordinate a shipment on a comprehensive basis – from the warehouse to onsite delivery with professionalism and efficiency.

  • Inspections
    TecLogistics is happy to furnish top quality professional inspection services and specialist marine surveys for heavy lift shipping and other special projects.
  • IT Support
    TecLogistics provides IT support provider options for our customers’ technology needs.  Onsite hardware and software support is provided.  Call our freight agents to learn more.
  • US Customs Support
    TecLogistics offers its clients packaged solutions to navigate U.S. customs.  The packages include everything from legal issues, to port surveying, to inspections, to deliveries.
  • US Domestic Routing & Delivery
    TecLogistics takes care of freight within the continental United States with the same professionalism and expertise that it handles international freight.
  • Project Management & Expediting Services
    TecLogistics’ total care package manages complicated and simple freight projects alike, from start to finish.  Call our freight agents to learn more.
  • Cost & Quote Projections
    TecLogistics’ many years of experience in the freight forwarding and logistics industry and high standards of integrity qualify it as a highly knowledgeable cost consultant in all issues pertaining to freight.
  • Documentation
    Expertise in both US Domestic and International requirements to ensure that there is a seamless delivery of client materials.  This includes US Customs filings and requirements, as well as knowledge in international Customs documentation and regulations.
  • Consularization and legalization
    Ensuring technical or additional necessary standards are met for the particular cargoes going to specific countries,  and review of all US documents by our foreign partners for acceptance by the local government custom agents.

Before shipping anything, contact TecLogistics to be sure that you are getting the best and the most credible quote on all your freight forwarding needs.

Please call our project cargo team to get a fuller picture of all the logistics services that our company provides.  You will not find a more customer-oriented and more professional freight forwarding company than TecLogistics Inc.

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