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TecLogistics History

Josephine Treurniet started TecLogistics in 2001, extending a long-term career in the break bulk forwarding and project freight forwarding business.  The company focuses on difficult-to-handle heavy lift shipments, project markets, and energy related fields.  The market has greeted TecLogistics enthusiastically and the company continues to experience uninterrupted growth.

TecLogistics has worked in various fields of logistics and counts among its cargo:

  • Drilling Equipment
  • Industrial Materials
  • Heavy Construction Machinery
  • Industrial Cranes
  • Oilfield Supplies

Clients partner with TecLogistics to ship worldwide oversized, hard-to-handle ocean and airfreight shipments.  TecLogistics also serves as U.S. cargo and freight agents for foreign freight forwarding partners located all over the world.  Due to a dynamic staff, TecLogistics can promise the best turn-key service in the industry.  The company can tackle contract consulting, clearing customs at the port, and heavy haul transportation for final overland shipments destined to interior destinations.  TecLogistics’ cargo project team has the expertise and dedication to ensure the success of delivering the cargo to its required site location.

The integrity that TecLogistics has and practices with its clientele and their shipments is the company’s most important asset.

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