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Our Ethical Standards


TecLogistics works within the highest ethical standards in the industry.  Its agents, vendors, and overseas agents must meet these standards with every shipment.  These standards are effective in both operational and personal matters.

These standards are undertaken with all new vendors and periodically re-affirmed through continuous monitoring and verification.  Any party failing to live up to our standards are dealt with judiciously and quickly.


TecLogistics demands its employees, vendors and agents overseas comply with our ethical standards as they relate to shipping regulations, local and federal laws, as well as jurisdictions overseas in which they work.  This applies to top management and all subordinate employees for TecLogistics as well as its vendors.

Legal matters

Employees must follow the law in performance of their duties at TecLogistics.  Employees for TecLogistics are versed and advised by senior management of legal matters in jurisdictions overseas in which they do business.  Compliance is expected and verified with constant oversight.  Employees are tasked with understanding domestic and overseas regulations throughout the course of each shipment and in the execution of their shipping duties.  No employee can be expected to be 100% knowledgeable of the complex and ever-changing shipping regulations and import/export rules for every country.  Nevertheless, guidance and counsel are to be sought in areas that are less well known from top management, overseas agents’ top managements, as well as resources found in the company library.

Price Fixing

TecLogistics never engages in price fixing or bid rigging in conjunction with, or in collusion with other transportation companies.  This applies to companies in the same market as TecLogistics as well as vendors vertically situated to TecLogistics.  Quotes and services are sourced competitively, seeking the highest value returns for our customers.


TecLogistics offers great value through superior service and fair pricing.  Contracts or business obtained through back channel dealing is NEVER acceptable.  Unethical and illegal business practices are dealt with swiftly if encountered among any employee, vendor, or customer.  A severing of business dealings results if any fraudulent malpractice is found to have taken place.  Likewise, TecLogistics strictly refrains from any abusive or manipulative treatment of its vendors.   Seeking unfair advantage over vendors that is obtained through illicit means is never tolerated.  TecLogistics competes on its own merits without recourse to nefarious activities.

Equal Opportunity

As a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise, TecLogistics is fully committed to equal opportunity.  TecLogistics management has no regard to ethnicity, age, sex, or creed in the hiring, retaining, and advancement of staff.  TecLogistics has a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment in the work place.  TecLogistics hires, trains and promotes solely on the basis of merit, ability, and experience.  


TecLogistics keeps all proprietary information of its customers secret.  The scope of disbursement of information to vendors is limited to the requisites of transportation, and related operations (crating, packing, lifting, etc).  TecLogistics counts many engineering and energy service firms among its clientele.  Illicitly sharing this information contradicts company ethics as well as good survival skills.  A transportation company that cannot keep its records safe and secure is in violation of industry standards, shipping regulations, and is without sound business judgment.

Employee Code of Conduct

All TecLogistics employees are hired and retained principally on their ability to make sound and ethical judgments.  When ambivalent situations arise, TecLogistics management is available 24/7 to give guidance, advice, and direction.  TecLogistics employees recognize such situations by reflecting on how they would act in similar circumstances in their own households, on how their actions might appear if publicized, on how their gut instinct reacts, and on how they behaved in analogous past circumstances.